"Gerroff moi laaaand!"

"Gerroff moi laaaand!"

Saving the last of the Farm Idol stars to last, here’s the farmer who’s gathered the finest examples of musical animals from his farm and created what we all call Farm Idol.

He doesn’t look like a man full of musical knowledge but, when he’s not smoking his pipe, shoveling manure and sticking his hand up animal’s bottoms, he loves to ‘rock out’ to Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson and even has a growing appreciation of Justin Timberlake.

Unfortunately, the ’60s and ’70s weren’t kind to the Farmer and years of listening to psychedelic rock and inhaling sheep dip have taken its toll; the poor guy can’t even remember his own name.

So, given the tradition on this blog of asking you to get creative with names for the animals, the Farmer too needs your input. Look at his big, ugly, face and come up with something appropriate for this old rocker.